I’m an independent audio producer with a background in photojournalism and documentary film. In 2013, I interned at WNYC's Radiolab, which encouraged me to transition from visuals to audio. A year later, I created and launched Millennial, a passion project that grew from my closet into a full-time job. It became a part of the Radiotopia network and reached up to 400k downloads/month. Millennial and I have been recognized in The Guardian, The Atlantic, BuzzFeed, The Huffington Post, and Refinery 29.  In 2017, I decided to end the show, move to New York City and support other people’s work. In less than a year, I’ve helped produce Gimlet Media’s The Habitat, NPR’s Planet Money, and am currently working on a Pineapple Street Media podcast.

When I don’t have headphones on I’m dancing salsa, cooking, and going on #megantanadventures.

Contact me: meganleetan [at] gmail [dot] com